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Health Resolutions to Consider

health resolutions to consider

Pens ready, journals opened, hearts and mind psyched. Many are the resolutions we have for the coming year, but have you thought about health resolutions?

Resolutions are only dreams until they are achieved, and improvements are visible. Back to health resolutions, they do exist! Here are a few ideas you can add to your resolutions.

Take Care of Your Mental Health

You will want to be extra cautious about your mental health and take a break. You can always go back to your grind after some sleep, yoga, listening to music, reading and other fun activities.

Burning out does not mean you have done the most work. It is time you stopped taking pride in a burn out.
You will not want to wait for festive occasions before you connect with friends and family.

Try talking to at least a loved one every day. They love to hear from you – about your struggles, fears and wins.

Becoming More Physically Active

This coming year, you could start by taking five-minute walks, then increasing it to ten, fifteen in that order. You could also try jogging out either early in the morning or evening.

If a gym membership seems like too much of a push, start small, but by all means, get active.

Healthy Eating

healthy eating should be part of your health resolutions

You could try rewarding yourself after these walks with some fruits. They could also be taken as snacks during work breaks. Try making your dishes more colorful with some vegetables.

Staying Hydrated

I am sure you have heard this time without number but drink more water this coming year. You will stay refreshed and energized to do more work. Your body will also be thankful for the good you are doing.

Lastly, use a schedule planner. Scheduling your activities helps you stay focused and prioritize your goals. It is far easier to be productive when you go by a schedule.

Change is sometimes difficult but once it sets in, it’s unstoppable. 2023 will be a great year and we will want to enter with a fit body and a sound mind with no traces of ailments.

What other health resolutions do you have on your list? Share them with us!

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