Standout Care
Healthcare with a difference
Medical Screening, Mobile Clinic, Health Promotion
About Us
Standout Care is a primary health outfit and social enterprise with the vision of improving health outcomes in destitute communities and organized groups.

With our highly motivated and committed health professionals, we continue to record significant impact with community health programs through our mass medical screening, mobile clinic sessions, first aid and health education exercises.

Our Services
Blood tests for Hepatitis, Diabetes, Prostate Cancer, Malaria, HIV/AIDS, Hemoglobin
• Nutrition and Dietary Assessment & Counselling
• Eye Screening
Health Education
• BMI Assessment
• Breast cancer screening
• Hepatitis B Vaccination
• Blood Pressure Check
• Mass Deworming
• General Consultation & Referral
New Activity
We champion a prisons medical outreach initiative, “Healthy Behind Bars”, which provides free health care for prison inmates across the country, stocks their infirmaries with drugs and advocates for better healthcare conditions for them.

The Ring Finger: Preferred For Capillary Blood Collection.

The Ring Finger: Preferred For Capillary Blood Collection. Heyyyy ya folks! When was the last time

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29 Sep

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Liver Function Test: What’s being tested? A liver panel is a group of checks

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