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The Ring Finger: Preferred For Capillary Blood Collection.

The Ring Finger: Preferred For Capillary Blood Collection.

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Heyyyy ya folks! When was the last time you did a check up? Whether at a P-O-C-T-centre or the hospital’s Laboratory?

At a point of care testing center, a simple blood collection method is used to obtain a blood sample to do some simple card testing such as Rapid Diagnostic Test for malaria, HBsAg, Syphilis and many others.

For those who uses the glucometer at home for blood sugar test, a simple needle prick method is needed.
These modes as mentioned requires “capillary blood collection” method.

Folks usually are not afraid of the test but the needle prick is the ‘Satan in your bossom’.
Fear not! Enjoy this little piece, gather ‘VIM’ and thank me later.

Among the fingers, the ring or the middle finger should ideally be used for capillary blood collection due to its callous nature and less sensitivity to pain as compared to the thumb or the index finger.

The pulse of the thumb (arterial pressure) makes it not suitable for ‘simple’ blood collection anymore.

Phlebotomy studies indicates the thumb or index finger: the distance between the skin surface and the bone is too small as compared to the ring or middle finger.

Therefore, it is advisable to however, stretch the above mentioned fingers whenever you @visit.thelab . ( Visit The Lab)

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