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Five Tests to Consider Before Marriage

It is necessary for couples planning to get married to undergo some medical check-up before taking the big step.  Tests for common genetic blood disorders such as sickle cell anemia and infectious diseases like hepatitis B, C, and HIV/AIDS) are essential in ensuring there are no rooms for regret later.

HIV Test

couples must take an HIV test

 Before getting married, it is important for couples to know their HIV/AIDs status.

Given the overwhelming rate at which the virus is spreading, no stone needs to be left unturned. Do not let your partner coax you into trusting them by word of mouth.

Love means little when you are not in good health. Take no chances.

Fertility Test

Couples who plan on having biological children must take a fertility test. This is essential to both parties.  

According to health experts, couples typically do not become aware of reproductive issues until two or more years after being married and conception becomes difficult. It is therefore crucial that the test be performed since it profiles the reproductive hormones in both partners: the man’s semen is analyzed, and the woman’s ovulation is assessed.

However, couples who do not plan on having children van skip this test.

Genotype test

Having conflicting genotypes can result in dire consequences not just to your relationship but your unborn children too. Gene testing gives couples prior knowledge of whether they are compatible.  

It will tell whether one or both partners are SS, AS or AA.  If two people who are carriers of the sickle cell get married, they could end up having children with sickle cell disorders. As farfetched as it may seem, genotype testing is a massive deciding factor in marriage.

Blood Group test

If blood groups are not compatible, this can lead to birth defects in children or complications in pregnancy.

The Rh factor of both the partners needs to be checked for compatibility. Also, knowing your partner’s blood group can prove useful in saving his or her life during an emergency. Couples’ failure to prioritize this test often poses a risk of a condition called hemolytic disease of the newborn which, according to doctors, causes stillbirths and miscarriages.

Mental health status

It is very essential to know about mental health problems if any.  This can affect the quality of a marriage and can also be passed on to biological offspring.

Although it may seem like a difficult conversation to have, it is essential to know each other’s mental health status in order to have a fulfilling marriage.

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