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The Menace of Prescription Drug Abuse

When drug abuse is mentioned, what readily comes into mind is cocaine, heroine, methamphetamine, etc. However there’s a seemingly harmless canker eating deep into the fabric of society known as prescription drug abuse.

Prescription drug abuse occurs when prescribed drugs are taken without the right dosage, or route or for health purposes other than what the drug is actually meant for. It has this tag because the drugs involved are mostly over the counter and legal drugs that can be obtained with little to no hussle.

Everyone including health workers are at risk and at fault. It could be the potent painkiller you recommended to your friend. It could also be the oral antibiotic that grandma decides to use in the topical way. Certain health workers feel since they are conversant with symptoms of diseases and drugs, they can go ahead to prescribe drugs without going through the right process at a medical center.
Some people tend to stop taking medications once they feel better even if their course is not yet complete.

In view of this, our bodies have become so tolerant to drugs that should have ideally been effective that we no longer notice any significant difference when taken in. We tend to opt for stronger ones, abuse it and then the vicious cycle continues.

To curb this, health workers should be at the forefront by practicing whatever they learn. They shouldn’t go about recommending drugs anyhow.
This practice is a blight on the public health care system. The general public should always be reminded and educated about the harmful aftermath or this attitude. Our pharmacy assistants should be more equipped to handle people who troop in to get drugs.

When these measures are put in place, this issue would not be completely done away with but then we will notice a considerable improvement and a generally healthier populace.

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