Standout Care

Thinking globally, acting locally.

With our medical outreach, we bring the clinic to your community.

With a special interest in combatting non-communicable diseases, we are working to transform the way healthcare is provided and expand access to all.

Towards achieving universal health coverage, our approach to healthcare is underpinned by the principle that health systems must move

  • from facility-based care to community-based care
  • from episodic, curative care to long-term, continuous care with a people-centered focus
  • from reactive care to proactive, preventive care

Patients are empowered to keep a healthy lifestyle even before developing symptoms

Healthy Behind Bars

Through our flagship programme, ‘Healthy Behind Bars’ we organise periodic medical outreach sessions for prison inmates in correctional centres across Ghana. Healthy Behind Bars provides free curative medical care including donation of drugs and medical supplies to infirmaries in prison units.