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Myth Buster: 10 Health Statements You Don’t Need to Believe

You may have heard may claims about your health a  couple of times, making you believe they are true. Here are 10 of the common myths and what the facts really are:

1. Too much fat causes typhoid.
Fat in itself when consumed in large amounts has it’s negatives however, typhoid isn’t one of them. Typhoid is actually caused by the salmonella typhi organism. It’s oro-faecal (when feacal matter finds its way to the digestive tract)

2. Eating late causes obesity.
According to a research by Dunn Nutrition and Oregon University, there is no direct correlation between eating late and weight gain. Rather it’s what is consumed, amount and how much is burnt away before retiring to bed.

3. Reading in a dimly lit setting causes eye damage.
It might cause temporary issues like dryness of eyes and strains but no permanent damage is caused.

4. Vitamin C is used to treat cold.
Ascorbic acid builds our immunity and helps the body fight infections. It doesn’t necessarily cure cold.

5. Exposure to cold weather causes flu.
Virus usually thrives in the cold however, until you come into contact with the rhinovirus or the haemophilia influenza virus, being in the cold wouldn’t make you catch cold

6. Drink 8 glasses of water.
You don’t need to drink that much to feel healthy. How much you drink depends on your body size, bodily and weather temperature, and activeness.

7. Urine should be clear.
A dark urine is a sign of dehydration, and a clear urine is a sign of overhydration. A healthy person has an amber coloured urine with the right amount of bacteria.

8. MSG is the cause of all ills.
Japanese food additive monosodium glutamate is just a taste enhancer. It’s only crime is making the most gruesome food taste palatable.

9. Hymen is a thick tissue.
It’s just a thin hymen that covers a part of the vagina that is if you are born with one. Some girls are born without hymen. It usually wears off even before one becomes sexually active. Women may not be able to menstruate if it’s as thick and wide as juxtaposed.

10. Microwave causes cancer.
It’s radiation is just responsible for heating food. The sun can cause cancer but a moderate level of radiation aids in vitamin D production. It’s usually the amount of radiation that determines it’s effect.

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