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Causes of Saggy Breasts and How to Deal With Them

Humankind, both men and women have  always been fascinated by breasts.  What women see in the mirror are usually far from the firm and perky ideal breasts portrayed by the media.

The medical term given to sagging breasts is known as PTOSIS. Several women have considered several ways (including some bizzare measures) of preventing or reversing this problem just to avoid scorn.

There are several factors that causes breasts to sag. Below are a few listed causes :

1. Exercise; vigorous workout sessions without a firm sports bra to support the breasts causes gravity to pull on the breasts causing sagging.

2. Genetics; our differences in genetics makeup can also be a factor. People with small and rounded breasts stand a better chance of escaping sagging than those with large and narrow breasts.

3. Weight; extreme weight gain or loss can lead to the shrinking of the muscles supporting the breast leading to a drooping breast.

4. Age; As we age, almost every part of our body reduces in effective function. The Cooper’s ligament holding the breast tissue stretches and the skin also loses its elasticity.

5. Pregnancy & lactation; different hormones are produced during pregnancy to aid in baby breastfeeding. This affects the breast and changes it shape most often than not. Those who choose not to breastfeed after childbirth do not escape this ordeal though.

But hey having flabby breasts isn’t a death sentence however, it isn’t completely reversible .

For pregnant women ,six months after weaning their babies, the breasts may return to their similar shape and size.

Maintaining  a good posture, usually with a straight back keeps the breasts in shape.

Keep a healthy weight. When losing weight, don’t take drastic measures .

Drink plenty water to keep a great skin tone and be hydrated.

Wear supsupportive bra at all times.

Before considering a breast lift or implant, remember that it affects milk production so be sure you don’t plan on having babies.

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